Now you're on the trolley!

What's buzzin' cuzzin'? I'm Kaitlin/Kei, a lone ranger from the lovely state of California. Genderfluid, they/them or he/him, INTJ, grey-polysexual, anarcho-communist, 19. Interest-wise, I'm all over the place. I love the eras starting from the beautiful Victorian all the way to the swinging 1960's, and am at this point in my life, firmly intrenched in the Victorian/Edwardian/1910s-30s, shironuri, and punk.
Aside from vintage, I have a vast range of interests. I am a vertebrate paleontology major, and am quite fascinated with dinosaurs and Permian reptiles/synapsids. My other interests include (but are not limited to) science, philosophy, politricks, my fandoms/gaming, pierrot and harlequin dolls, Japanese fashion, and the dark and macabre. I also have a multitude of hobbies. I draw, write, love music and also play it, do photography, and many other activities.

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